The school offers a supervised 'Homework Club' (4.15 - 5.00 pm) for children in Years 4, 5 and 6, should parents wish them to remain at school. There are formal set homeworks during the week in the core subjects of Maths, English and Science. One night each week is reserved for a 'General Studies' homework. This is a time for children to work on any additional learning such as spelling or times tables, Latin or French vocabulary. 


Maths Homework in the Prep Department

(Additional learning at home)


It is essential that the children learn the multiplication tables and develop quick recall strategies.  Regular tables tests are given in Year 3 and continued, as appropriate, as the children progress through the school.  For some children there will also be tests on the division facts that go with the tables.  Each Maths teacher sets tests according to the ability of the pupils in their set and we rely on parents to encourage and support the children with their learning at home.  Occasionally, children may also be required to practise other mental calculation strategies at home, and parents are kept informed via the prep diary.


English Homework in the Prep Department

(Additional learning and reading at home)

Children in all years of the Prep department are expected to learn spellings for a weekly test.  All the children have a spelling book that is kept in their book bag at all times so that it is accessible to both teachers and parents.  In Year 4 there is a designated spelling homework but, as in other year groups, the learning of the weekly list should be done at home.  We rely on parental support to help the children with their learning.

Children are expected to read each evening and parents initial the Prep diary to confirm that this has happened.  Form teachers collect diaries in the morning to check that reading has been done and to add their signature.

Expectations for the length of reading time vary according to the age and ability of the child; between ten and twenty minutes per evening is acceptable.  This may be reading aloud or silent reading, depending on ability, but parents are recommended to hear even fluent readers at least three times a week.  They are also encouraged to check their children’s understanding of the story and of word meanings.

Children may read books brought from home or from the school library.  The Librarian and the child’s English teacher are happy to give advice about suitable reading material.


Science Homework

Homework set in Science will be set to reinforce and consolidate classwork. 


Latin Homework

Latin is offered to children in years 5 & 6 who wish to study it and it will involve approximately half an hour’s homework each weekend.


French Homework

Homework in Years 4, 5 and 6 will involve the learning of vocabulary and grammar.