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Chandlings Challenges

This term we have launched Chandlings Challenges!

Every fortnight a different department will announce a challenge to the whole school at our Wednesday assembly.  We will then let you know what the Challenge is via our social media platforms;  Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Once entries have been received we will publish them on the website. 

So far we have had the following challenges:  


Pupils were invited to draw or paint their pets or the animal they would most like to have as a pet.

Chandlings Challenges Art Entries



Design a new version of the 25th Anniversary Bench

The three winning entries which will be built during Furniture Club. 


Children took part in a national competition to name a new star (Wasp 13) and a new exoplanet (Wasp 13b) which was tied in with Space week. 

WASP-13b and its star

Some of the names entered into the competition were:

Star: Poojyam  and Planet: Brahmagupta - These are based on a Mathematician who first used Zero.

Star: Honey bee and Planet: Common Carder - These are based on names of British Bees as bees are under threat.


Using 'The Lost Words' book as inspiration write a poem about a lost word, create a collage using words and photos or use as many of the lost words as possible in a story.  

We had three winners.  Congratulations to Eleanor (Y5) for her collage, Celeste (Y4) for her Poem and Pratiba (Y5) for her story.





The children have been asked to write some lyrics for a Christmas Carol/Song - the winning entry will end up being a collaborative work with Mr Stratford, that will be performed at the end of term.

Here is the winning entry which we shall look forward to singing at the end of term. 




Children have to take a picture of a structure.  It can be man-made or natural.  They can take it with a phone or a camera and ask their parents to email it to Miss Wells.

We had four fantastic winners.  Congratulations to Zach and Vaughn (R), Ryan (Y4), Emma (Y2), Ellie (Y5)




Mr Brodley our Head of Sport has just come back from an amazing trip to Japan to watch the Rugby World Cup and he has three Japan and Rugby related questions.

1. What was the typhoon called that swept through Japan during the World Cup?

2. How many matches were played in total during the World Cup (remember that some were cancelled)?

3. What seat was Mr Brodley sitting in for the World Cup Final?  Hint it was somewhere between 100-150 and it was a prime number. 



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