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Head of Girls and Boys

We recognise that a number of our pastoral issues tend to be gender-specific and need to be dealt with sensitively. That’s why Mrs Emily Brawn (our Head of Girls) and Mr Andrew Boyle (our Head of Boys) work on a daily basis to promote, support and guide the children in the Prep Department.


Emily and Andrew both offer and run a number of friendship based initiatives including social lunch groups and CHAT sessions to ensure that all the children feel part of the Chandlings family.

“My role is all about getting to know the girls, making the time to be able to listen and talk. It is important that they know that there is always someone to go to no matter how big or small the issue.”


My role as Head of Boys ensures that there is a clear pathway for children, parents and teachers to follow when dealing with a variety of pastoral issues. Concerns are eased swiftly and sensitively, which is paramount in today's society."


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