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Encouraged by specialist teachers, our children develop their use and control of a wide range of artistic materials, tools and techniques. By cultivating their critical awareness of the roles and purposes of art, craft and design from different eras and cultures our young artists become more confident in communicating what they see, feel and think. Not to mention being better able to evaluate their own work and that of other artists  .

Exhibiting children’s art around the school as well as entering competitions like ‘Young Art Oxford’  encourages a real sense of pride in the high quality of artwork produced.

In fact, those children who show a genuine talent and passion for art are invited to attend sessions, where they compile a personal portfolio. It’s little wonder that our children regularly achieve art scholarships or awards to senior schools.

Our favourite topics

Year 3 - Magical Lanterns

Accordion content

Year 3 - Lollipop Trees

Year 5 - Creepy Crawlies made from natural materials

Year 4 - Pattern Artwork

Year 5 - Soft Sculpture

Year 6 - Grotesques

Art Scholars - Examples of scholar work

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