ISI Early Years Inspection - June 2014 - Chandlings Nursery rated Outstanding


Chandlings NurseryPlay is the foundation for children’s learning in all areas of their lives. It is our job to provide exciting, stimulating and interesting resources for play, and to support and extend children’s learning through the activities they choose to participate in. All aspects of the Early Years curriculum can be covered through play, and in a way that is meaningful and long-lasting.


Chandlings Nursery

The curriculum at Chandlings Nursery is comprised of seven areas of development in line with DFES guidelines: Personal, Social and Emotional, Communication and Language, Physical, Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and Design


Children are taught, guided, supported and challenged in each of these areas of their development as they progress towards the Early Learning Goals. Creativity is fundamental to successful learning. The aspects covered in expressive arts and design include art, music, dance, role play and imaginative play.


Chandlings Nursery

Being creative enables children to make connections between one area of learning and another and so expand their understanding.


Communication, language and literacy development depends on learning and being competent in a range of key skills, together with having the confidence, opportunity, encouragement, support and disposition to use them. This area of learning includes speaking and listening in different situations and for different purposes, reading a range of simple texts and writing for a variety of purposes.


Young children grow rapidly at this stage of their lives. They develop confidence and control of the way they move and the way in which they handle tools and equipment. They need to be active and to move about in order to develop many of these fundamental skills.


Successful personal, social and emotional development is critical for very young children in all aspects of their lives. It is also a pre-requisite for their success in all other areas of learning. It is essential that settings provide the experiences and support which enable children to develop a positive sense of themselves.


Chandlings NurseryUnderstandling the world develops childrens skills, knowledge and understanding that help them to make sense of the world around them. This forms the foundation for later work in science, history and geography, design and technology, information and communication technology.


Mathematical development, including later numeracy, depends on becoming confident and competent in learning and using key skills. These include counting, sorting, matching, seeking patterns and working with numbers, shapes, spaces and measures. Mathematical understanding should be developed through stories, songs, games and imaginative play, so that children begin to enjoy using and experimenting with numbers.