Chandlings DramaChandlings DramaThe aims of drama hold no surprises. They are to have fun in the process of promoting drama skills, which in themselves develop self-confidence, self-discipline, awareness, and creativity.

Drama at Chandlings occurs in arenas appropriate to its context, and no one arena is any more important than another. While staged theatre may take on a higher profile at certain times of the year, and for obvious reasons, it should be stressed that it is, ultimately, merely the result of a process. That process is part of the school’s broad approach to drama, one which aims to offer a structure within which creativity has no boundaries.


Chandlings Drama Drama does not have to be publically displayed in order to be effective. Pupils thrive in a variety of situations. 

Chandlings Drama

They discover their own qualities through experience and advice, from which they can develop a sense of personal progress, ability and potential. 

In performance theatre there will be honest dialogue along these lines from the first audition to the last rehearsal.

But many moments of high quality drama arise directly from grassroots – the classrooms and halls where the ground work is done and the confidence built. And each moment holds value, representing a piece of theatre in its own right, in the right context.