Religious Education

Chandlings RE

At Chandlings we believe that Religious Education can help to promote an understanding and respect for the religious beliefs that play an important part in our multicultural society. 

 Our main teaching starts with Christianity, but during the children’s time at Chandlings they will also learn about Judaism and Islam, and find out about other faiths through an exploration of festivals.

Within the Pre-Prep department children will learn about key Bible stories, with a special focus on Christmas and Easter.  Through experience of festivals from Judaism, Islam and Hinduism they will learn about some of the beliefs and traditions represented in our school community, and will have the opportunity to discuss occasions that are special to them.  They will also observe and handle religious artefacts and visit places of worship where possible.

In the Prep Department children learn more about the main beliefs of Christianity, Judaism and Islam. A wide range of resources are used to support the teaching of RE including books, artefacts, posters, DVDs and the internet. Discussion is a key part of lessons, and every child’s ideas and opinions are valued.