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  • 04/02/19

    Chandlings donates books to Oxford Children's Hospital

    This year Chandlings Prep School has begun a new partnership with the Oxford Children’s Hospital, specifically in their ENT outpatients department.   Chandlings recognised the need that reading is something many children like to do whilst waiting for an appointment.  So, we approa...
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  • 29/01/19

    What do Cells, Eyes and the Solar System have in common?

    Last term Year 5 and Year 6 were invited to take part in a house competition to support their learning in Science.  Year 5 were asked to make models of the Solar System or the Eye based on their topic, Light. Year 6 had the task of creating a model of a cell as part of their 'Microbe...
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  • 18/01/19

    CREST Club

    We are delighted that the newly formed CREST club is such a success. The children meet once a week to take part in STEM activities of their choice. This week was 'fascinating fingerprints' where the children took their own fingerprints and then used magnifying glasses to identify whorls, loo...
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  • 14/01/19

    Word of the Week

    Last term, during assemblies, the children were given a word each week which they had to use to create an imaginative sentence.  At the end of term Mrs Hickin set them a new challenge in which they had to use all the words from the term in a creative paragraph or story. The words were: Pe...
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  • 11/01/19

    Bonne Année 2019!

    This morning, Prep children welcomed in the New Year in a very French way and celebrated the “Epiphanie”. The children were able to sample La Galette des Rois, a traditional cake which hides “la fève”, a charm - a figurine, inside it. The Galettes were generously pr...
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  • 11/12/18

    Christmas Nativity Plays

    Christmas is always a magical time at Chandlings and the week of Nativity plays certainly epitomises this.
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  • 21/11/18

    Extreme Reading

    In the half term of the Autumn term, Chandlings children were encouraged to take their books and head off into the sunset on an Extreme Reading adventure.
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  • 16/11/18

    Reg the Ram's bid for Freedom

    What a day the children at Chandlings had on Thursday. Not only did they find out that Reg the Ram finally has a new home but they were also filmed by the BBC who were putting the story onto BBC South today. 
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  • 12/11/18

    International Day

    Last week Chandlings Prep School celebrated International Week which culminated on Friday with the opportunity to visit 18 different countries in 30 minutes!  International Week embraces the whole school community with around 40 parents from a variety of countries hosting stalls which ever...
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  • 07/11/18

    Congratulations to the U10 Boys Rugby Team

    The U10 boys rugby team took part in a fantastic rugby festival at MCS last week and returned home clutching their Bronze medals after winning the 3rd place play off. 
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  • 06/11/18

    Nursery's Autumn Activity Day

      Chandling's Nursery children enjoyed a fun-filled Autumn Activity Morning in the Nursery Woodland on Friday.
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  • 08/10/18

    Extreme Reading

    This half term, Chandlings' children are encouraged to take their books and head off into the sunset on a reading adventure. They will have their photo taken as they read their favourite book up a tree, on a beach or in a field.
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